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We offer Tarps for the Agricultural Industry

Agricultural Waste: refers to solid waste that is generated by the rearing of animals or the production and harvest of crops or trees. (Sullivan, 1993) Baler: A piece of equipment used to compress and form recycled material into bales. Commercial Waste: refers to waste generated by businesses, such as office buildings; retail and wholesale establishments; and restaurants. Examples … Read more

Flat Bed Tarps For Sheetrock and Lumber

Each of our Flatbed Tarps comes with seat belt webbing reinforcement around all grommets and D-rings which are placed in 2 foot intervals across the entire tarp. Our high quality Flatbed Tarps come in a variety of sizes and styles to help you keep your cargo secure no matter the application. We carry 3 select … Read more

Remember To Test Your Tarp Motor

Our goal is to help you find solutions. This goal led to us creating our first Tech Tips Guide which walks through the process of how to patch a tarp. For our second edition of Tech Tips, our talented team of engineers have put together a step-by-step guide on how to test a tarp motor.

We offer Replacement Tarps for Load Trail Style Roll Off Trailers

We offer Replacement Tarps for Texas Pride Style Roll Off Trailers

American Made Tarps offers a wide variety of products in all shapes and sizes. We even offer tarps and tarp systems specially built for compatibility with trailers from other manufacturers. We custom build dumpsters for #TexasPride Trailer Tarps We custom build 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 yard dumpsters to fit #TexasPride Roll-off Gooseneck and … Read more

Mark Your Calendar for June 13 to 18 for Waste and Recycling Workers Week 2022!

Mark your calendars now and join us next week from June 13th through June 18th as we celebrate Waste and Recycling Workers Week! 6 Easy Things You Can Do to Celebrate If you haven’t made plans to celebrate yet, be sure to check out our Celebration Resources. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, even a small thank … Read more

What tarps do Roll-off Trucks use?

Vinyl Mesh Tarps are the most commonly used material for Waste & Recycling applications. Vinyl is the best material for Heavy Duty Auto Truck Tarps.

Trailer Tarp Systems For Sale

American Made Dumpsters now offers dump truck tarps and dump trailer tarp systems. Perfect for light duty hauling and dependable everyday use that fits dump trailers from any manufacturer. Available with tarps up to 40′ long with manual crank and semi-automatic options. Choose from Cab Level Wind Up Tarping System, Pull Style Spring Return Tarp … Read more

Roll-off Dumpster Truck Tarps Available Now!

American Made Tarps now offers roll off dumpster truck tarps and tarp systems. We offer a variety of sizes up to 45 feet with underbody spring assemblies for extra tension. Choose from stationary systems, one stage system, two stage systems, break-away compactor tarps, and roll-off container tarps. Better Tarps Systems Made with the Best Materials … Read more