Durable Dump Truck Tarps for Cherokee, TX

Whether you are a construction professional, a fleet manager, or a truck owner, you understand the importance of keeping your cargo secure and protected during transportation.  At American Made Tarps, our goal is to provide you with affordable, reliable dump truck tarps, helping you choose the right product that ensures safety, durability, and compliance with regulations.

Our dump truck tarps shield your cargo from the elements, preventing it from being blown away or scattered during transit. This not only keeps the roads safe but also minimizes cargo loss. Many states have laws requiring proper tarping of dump trucks to prevent debris from falling onto roadways. By using dump truck tarps, you are complying with state regulations that require proper tarping of dump trucks to prevent debris from falling onto roadways, avoiding penalties and fines. What’s more, a properly tarped dump truck with an American Made Tarp portrays a professional image, reflecting your company's commitment to safety and compliance.

Protect your haul today with a dump truck tarp from American Made Tarps. Call us today!


Dump Truck Tarp Systems in Cherokee, TX

Our medium and heavy-duty load covering tarps provide coverage for up to 45+ with electric and manual options. Choose from:

  • Aluminum External Mount Dump Truck Systems - Polished aluminum arms, 3, 4, and 5 spring assembly options, versatile bolt or weld on spring assemblies, and telescopic arms to cover a range of body sizes. Electric systems and manual option available.
  • Galvanized Steel External Mount Dump Truck Systems - Galvanized Steel Arms with versatile bolt or weld on 4 and 5 spring assembly options as well as telescopic arms to cover a range of body sizes. Electric or manual system options available.
  • Bulletproof Aluminum External Mount Dump Truck Systems - High strength one piece arms, 100% Mountain Tarp interchangeable. The standard cross tube is Galvanized Steel and for a 96” wide body.

Available Enhancements for Dump Truck Tarps

  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Tension Bow
  • Tension Hoop
  • 30° & 45° Elbow Kit*
  • Rubber Centering Flanges*
  • Powerhouse Heavy Duty Tarp Motor Upgrade
  • Heavy Duty Upgrade To 60:1 Motor
    Upgrade To EZ Switch
  • Ground Level Manual Crank
  • Heavy Duty Upgrade To HD Tarp Axle
  • Steel Cross Tube For 102″ Wide Body**
  • Hybrid Aluminum & Steel Cross Tube**
  • Aluminum Cross Tube W/ Casting Elbows**
  • Bulletproof Bent Arms**

* Available in Aluminum External Mount and Galvanized Steel External Mount only
** Available in Bulletproof Aluminum External Mount only

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Best Prices on Dump Truck Tarps

We believe in simple, straightforward pricing and easy payment options. When you choose American Made Tarps for your dump truck tarps, we respect your budgeting needs and make sure you get the right price up front with no hidden fees.

Quality American Made Products

We support our communities and keep jobs in America by distributing products made by US Tarp, a manufacturer that believes in employing hard-working citizens to sew and assemble their tarp systems right here in America. US Tarp designs products for strength and durability featuring thicker denier thread and cross-tube pockets with 18 oz vinyl, stress tested and inspected to ensure quality and longevity.

Commercial Dumpsters Available for these Zip Codes

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